9. Rally Železniki August 19th and August 20th 2022










Sportity APP

15.8.2022 7:50

Vse uradne dokumente lahko spremljate tudi na SPORTITY APP. Podatki za prenos in vstop v aplikacij. Klik za odpreti pdf...






Maps of 9th Rally Železniki

12.8.2022 19:00


Here are this year maps of Rally Zelezniki


PNG version


PDF version:

SS Stari vrh

SS Podlonk

SS Petrovo Brdo

SS Dražgoše


Google MAP:




10.8.2022 18:00


We are publishing BULLETIN Nr. 1. You can get it HERE




Entry list and closing time for Entry form

6.8.2022 11:00


Stil 13 day to go, enty list filled up very vell. Entry list will be published in august 16th, but don't forget, closing time for sending entry form is august 10. till 12PM






19.7.2021 21:00


Friday, 15th July 2022    14:00

Supplementary regulations is published, Opening date for entries


Wednesday, 10th August 2022

Closing date for entries 24:00

Closing date for additional space and the other requests for service area


Tuesday, 16th August 2022

Original entry forms have to be delivered till 12:00     
The entry list will be published at 20:00 on www.rally.omikronplus.si


Friday, 19th August 2022

7:00 – 20:00         The Headquarters (HQ) is opened
7:00 – 12:00         Registration and Road book issuing, Administrative check, GPS devices issuing (HQ)
8:00                     Layout of the Official notice board (Sportity)
Opening of the Service Park (SKI CENTER CERKNO)
7:30 – 17:30        Reconnaissance, according to Appendix II
10:00 – 16:00      Scrutineering (SKI CENTER CERKNO)
12:00                   Closing date of the codriver’s details (HQ)
16:00                   PRESS center opening (HQ)
18:00                   1st Stewards’ meeting
19:00                   Publication of Start list; Sportity

Saturday, 20th August 2022

6:30 – 23:00        The Headquarters (HQ) is opened

7:15                     Start of the Rally, TC0
20:20                   Finish of the Rally, Prizegiving (Parking Municipality Železniki)
20:40                   Final scrutineering (Avtoservis Bernik)
21:30                   The provisional results are published; Sportity

                           The final results are published, Sportity (after 30 min deadline for protests)




19.7.2021 21:00


Overall SS distance and total distance of the Itinerary

  1. The total distance of the course:                                  318,10 km
  2. The number of special stages                                      9
  3. The number of different special stages:                        4
  4. The number of sections:                                              4
  5. The number of legs:                                                    1
  6. Total distance of special stages:                                 90,85 km


The event counts for:

  • FIA CEZ modern cars
  • Slovenian Rally Championship
  • AŠ 2005 Rally Cups
  • AŠ 2005 Historic rally cup
  • Yugo cup 2022


GPS coordinates:

1. FINISH – parking Municipality Železniki

46°13'34.8"N 14°10'26.8"E


46°10'27,5"N 14°02'47.0"E

3. REFUEL & TYRE MARKING - Servis OUT – Parking SKI Center Cerkno

46°10'27,5"N 14°02'47.0"E

4. REGROUPING - parking Municipality Železniki

46°13'34.8"N 14°10'26.8"E

5. PARC FERME - parking Municipality Železniki

46°13'34.8"N 14°10'26.8"E

6. SCRUTINEERING – Parking SKI Center Cerkno

46°10'27,5"N 14°02'47.0"E

7. FINAL SCRUTINEERING - Avtoservis Bernik

46°14'08.5"N 14°08'39.2"E

8. RALLY HEADQUARTERS - Sports hall Železniki
- Road book issuing
- Administrative check
- Stewards’ meetings
- GPS returning

46°13'30.3"N 14°09'52.0"E









Media Accreditation

15.7.2021 15:45


Welcome to all media representative to our event. You can find accreditation form HERE




Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form

15.7.2021 12:50


Dear All!


Here they are; We are publishing Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form:


Supplementary regulations

Entry Form


We'd like to invite all the crews all over Europe, to join us on our 9th Rally Zelezniki, Warmly welcome.


Don't forget to closing date for Entries: august 10th 2022. Welcome again.


More news to follow. Stay Tuned.



Flyer 9th Rally Zelezniki

1.7.2022 19:00

First information of this year event bellow:





9th Rally Zelezniki

30.6.2022 18:00


We count days till the next Rally Zelezniki... a little less than two months.


Due of a lot of roadwork and many closed location in centre of Zelezniki, we decided, to put service zone to Davca (ex Super stage). In Ski resort Cerkno parking Brdo, there will be a service zone. All other - regrouping, start and finish rally, and pricegiving will be in centre of Zelezniki.


Also of reasons we ment, the rally format stay in one day event - in Friday August 19th recconaissance, scruttineering, verification and so, in August 20 we have 9 super stages, about 90 km. We have one Power Stage in the end of a day whith special prize


So, these are first informations, stay tuned :) And of sure, WELCOME ALL!!




For Easier decission

Last year's 8th edition









v sodelovanju z:


Občina Železniki


Medijski pokrovitelj:





Bernik transport





Tadej Kraševec
One and only

Great man for great events

TSC Nova Gorica
Some nice detail

Nice to see some of details

Mrak - Kuštrin
Rok Turk and Vili Ošlaj
Tuff corner

Crew with heart and passion

Rally documents

Supplementary Regulations

You can get it HERE

Entry Form

Entry Form *.docx

Entry Form *.pdf

Acreditation form



The place for 9. Rally Zelezniki visitors

Here are this year maps of Rally Zelezniki


PNG version


PDF version:

SS Stari vrh

SS Podlonk

SS Petrovo Brdo

SS Dražgoše


Google MAP:



  • Vse prebivalce ob trasi obveščamo o zaporah lokalnih, občinskih in državnih cest v času 9. Rally Železniki. Obvestila boste prejeli tudi na dom:

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    Uroš Ocvirk
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    Yugo master
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    Andrej Mrak and Jani Drnovscek
    Portfolio Item 8

    Need for speed

    Austrian guests

    Arhiv Rally Železniki

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