4. Rally Železniki 30.6. and 1.7.2017

Day D

It's here... 4. Rally Zelezniki.. first day...reconnaissance, administrative check, tehnical scrutinnering and finally - first two stages in the evening. Short, but attractive. Have a good luck to all crews!!


AUTHORIZATION in case of an Accident

Please fill Authorization form and delivered to Administrative check



Trailers park

Trailers park is at the same location like last year. It is 2 km before arive Zelezniki - Sports park Rovn Selca in the left side from Skofja Loka to Zelezniki



Centre of 4th Rally Zelezniki

This year we moved HQ from sports hall near to service zone. So there (see picture below), you can find all you need: HQ, scrutineering, administrative check, timekipeers, PRESS centre...




Administrativ check and Scrutineering TimeTable

Here are an Administrative check and Scrutineering TimeTable. Please follow your time upon latenes penalization.

- Administrative Check TimeTable

- Scrutinnering TimeTable


Bulletin Nr.1

We publish Bulletin Nr.1. .You can find it here: Bulletin Nr.1


Entry List

Finally Entry List for 4th Rally Železniki. Warmy welcome to all crews from!! You can fint it HERE



Press release

It is strongly forbidden to use of drons, or other "flying" objects for filming in 4. Rally Zelezniki. Thank you.



All crew's need to fill out the form bellow

- Technical detail of car

- Drivers safety equipment


This form must be delivered filled out at scrutineering. THX



Dear competitor of 4th Rally Železniki

We warn the crews that any kind of practice on the rally route is strictly forbidden. For the people, who live on the route, rally and particularly reconnaissance, when the road is open for a normal traffic; present a major increase of traffic and a major disturbance in their habits of life. Thus people are often against rally and organizer has to put huge effort to get their permission.


Reconnaissance out of the prescribed terms and raving on the route threat the future rallies. For this reason we appeal to the crews to respect reconnaissance restrictions. The organizer, together with the local Police, will control thoroughly the route of special stages and strictly sanction the offenders.


Organization Board of 4th Rally Železniki


Final countdown:

It is just two weeks till 4. edition of Rally Železniki, Organization board came to final preparation of event. There is nice list of entries yet, some of theme we still expected. The list will be published on jun 26, 2017


Maps of SS wil be published in jun 21, 2017. There are more or less the same stages like last year, because of raod reneving we change SS Sorica to SS Soriska planina - it is all new stage. To have more interesting event, we add also one day to event - friday. There is two short stages (2,9 km) in the venening. First will be driven at 7:15 PM, second SS will be started at 9:30 PM - so we have returned back night SS in Zelezniki (from 1980's)


Itinerary of SS as follow:


4. Rally Zelezniki 2o17

Friday 30. jun

SS - 1 Dražgoše sprint 19:14

SS - 2 Dražgoše sprint 21:30


Saturday 1 july

SS - 3 Davča I 9:17

SS - 4 Podlonk I 10:20

SS - 5 Davča II 11:56

SS - 6 Podlonk II 12:59

Midday Service

SS - 7 Soriška planina I 15:50

SS - 8 Dražgoše dolgi I 17:03

SS - 9 Soriška planina II 18:49

SS - 10 Dražgoše dolgi II (POWER STAGE) 20:02

Finish (Občina) 20:47



Media Accreditation Form:

We kindly invite all media representatives to our event 4. Rally Zelezniki. Please fill the accreditation form and send to rally office. The form can be found here


We look forward to see so many of you on our event. Welcome!



Monday, 15th May 2017
Publication of Supplementary regulations, Opening date for entries


Wednesday, 21th June 2017
Closing date for entries
Closing date for additional space and the other requests for service areas


Monday, 26th June 2017
Publication of the list of entries, accepted by the organizer (www.rally.omikronplus.si)


Supplementary Regulations and Entry form

We published supplementary regulations and entry form. It is allways nice to have you with us, so let's print entry form and send it to us. Welcome!!!

- Supplementary Regulations

- Entry Form


Hyundai Slovenija join Slovenian Rally Championship

With global success of Hyundai Motorsport in World Rally Championship and sponsored all television live streaming and reviews on Šport TV, also Hyundai Slovenia decided to join into slovenian rally championship with Friulmotor rally team. Claudio De Cecco with Hyundai i20 R5 will enter all remain Slovenian Rally - Rally Velenje, Rally Železniki, Rally Croatia, Rally Vipavska dolina and Rally Idrija.






For more interested event, we opened RALLY SHOP. It is shop and auction at the same time. There is some interested article in the shop.... Take a look and have... fun and luck :) Welcome!!!




Hall Of Fame Rally Železniki event's

Here is Hall Of Fame of our events past years. Very interesting list...




Not decided yet?

Here is small teaser for 4th Rally Zelezniki... Action from 3th edition...




We prepare flyer for your invitation... Three months to go... 4th edition of Rally Zelezniki... Welcome drivers, welcome spectators, sponsors!! WELCOME ALL!!!


We started for a new Rally - 4th edition...

The preparing of 4th edition has started. More to follow..



When the years go by...


Picture above show almost the same car in 1987 and 2016 - 30 years passes by, the driver (Andrej Mrak) remain the same... Welcome back in 2017 Andrej Mrak!!!


Some of rally history from our territory...

In 70's and 80's, ther are lot of rallyes in our territory: Rally Loka, Rally Kompas, Rally Saturnus... And part of Rally Saturnus is here, the calendar of Saturnus factory from 1978









with support of:

Občina ŽeleznikiJZR ŽeleznikiTD Železniki





Media sponsors:






Logo Vrtač



Bernik transport



Toni Transport



Logo Alples

MeborDemšar transport










Safety First!!!






Aleks Humar
Aleks Humar, Florjan Rus
The Winner of 3. Rally Železniki 2016

Great batlle to the end of rally

TSC Nova Gorica
Andrej Mrak in Blaž Hribar
History on whells

Nice to see oldtimers on our event

Mrak - Kuštrin
Marko Grossi in David Kavčič
...not going well

Crew with heart and passion

Rally documents

Supplementary Regulations

Supplementary regulations in English language published

Entry Form

Entry Form can be found HERE

Acreditation form

For media and others... FORM


Itinerary 4. RALLY Zelezniki

The place for 4. Rally Zelezniki visitors

We are published Visitor Guide... only in Slovene Language... you can find it here - 1,9 MB
Portfolio Item 1


Still Rare Guest on the Rally
Portfolio Item 2

Always atractive

Aleš Zrinski in Tadej Štupar
Portfolio Item 3


Many of you were there... in all three versions
Portfolio Item 4

This year, as a racing car?

Another history's car
Portfolio Item 5

Lancia Delta Integrale HF

Nice to see the legends in a pile
Portfolio Item 6

Local bus...

Aljoša Novak/Tomaž Kavčič
Portfolio Item 7


Darko Peljahan/Tina Lazar
Portfolio Item 8

Power stage Winner

Vlastimil Majerčak in Michaela Vejačkova

Archive Rally Zelezniki 2014, 2015 and 2016

Logo 2014 Logo 2015


Contact Form

Where we are

In the middle of nowhere... let's find us :)

Dražgoše 51, 4228 Železniki Marko Kos +386 31 889 939 info@omikronplus.si