7th Rally Zelezniki september 11th - 12th 2020






And Winner of 7th Rally Zelezniki is....

13.9.2020; 18:14


It is about a day after moment, racing cars are finished 7th Rally Zelezniki. Winner Rok Turk/Blanka Kacin, second Aljosa Novak/Jaka Cevc and third Ales Zrinski/Rok Vidmar.Congratulatons to winners, congratulations to all crews. Hope to see you in 8th Rally Zelezniki in july 2021.


(c) Primoz Habjan



Start list 7th Rally Železniki

10.9.2020; 19:14


Start list for 7th Rally Zelezniki was published. You can get it HERE





Bulletin Nr. 2 published

4.9.2020; 17:45


Unfortunatelly we are publishing Bulletin Nr. 2. Download it HERE



Communication Nr. 1



We are publishing Communication Nr. 1 - how to install GPS equipment in car. You can fin it here





Here is Itinerary...





Scrutineering schedule



Here is scrutineering schedule.. you can find it HERE



Maps of special stages on 7. Rally Železniki





and maps:


Entry List, 7th Rally Zelezniki



Finally, here is this year's Entry List... you can DL HERE



How to Soriska planina 7th Rally Zelezniki Center



The center of this year's 7th Rally Železniki is hosted by the Soriška planina ski center. There will be a service zone, regroup, start and finish of the rally and the entire rally management (HQ, timing etc.). Access to Planina is from three main directions - Lesce/Bled/Bohinjska Bistrica, Škofja Loka/Železniki and Most na Soči over Petrovo Brdo.


For larger truck with trailers we suggest road Lesce - Bled - Bohinjska Bistrica - Soriska Planina. Road in other two direction is more narow and more difficult


Soriška planina





Bulletin Nr. 1 published

4.9.2020; 17:45


Unfortunatelly we are publishing Bulletin Nr. 1. Download it HERE


Croatian Championship on 7th Rally Železniki



Unfortunatelly Croatian Championship will not be a part of Rally Železniki this year. The reason is COVID-19 situation in Croatia, which disabledt teams to cross the border.

We look forward to cooperate with HAKS next year!



Press Accreditation 7th Rally Železniki



Dear press and media friends of 7th Rally Zelezniki,

unfortunately we have to inform you, that there will be no press and media accreditation in 7th Rally Zelezniki, due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding.





COVID-19 Protocol



Dear visitors, we would like to inform you that visitors are not allowed in the service park of 7th Rally Zelezniki this year, due to COVID 19 restrictions.


Also we would like to ask all of the bypassers to obey NIPH regulations and all of the personnel on the special stages. Do not gather in groups and maintain the socila safety distance.

Thank you for you understanding.




Crew's important document's



In official board we are published some important documents for all Crew's and Team's. Please, fill them before tehnical scrutinnering, reconnaissance or administrative check.


Thank you for cooperation.



Programme 7th Rally Zelezniki



Monday, 17th August 2020
Publication of the Supplementary regulations, Opening date for entries

Friday, 4th September 2020

Closing date for entries 24:00
Closing date for additional space and the other requests for service areas

Tuesday, 8th September 2020

 Original entry forms have to be delivered till 12:00     
Publication of the list of entries at 20:00 on www.rally.omikronplus.si

Friday, 11th September 2020

12:30                    Layout of Official notice board, log cabin STC Soriška planina
12:30 – 20:00       Oppening of Rally HQ, log cabin STC Soriška planina
12:30 – 15:00      Administrative check, roadbook and GPS devices issuing; Log cabin SCT Soriška planina
13:00 – 17:00      Reconnaissance, according to Appendix II
15:00                   Closing date for co-drivers’ details
12:30                    Opening of the service park, parking area of STC Soriška planina
15:00 – 18:00      Scrutineering; Športni park Rovn, Selca
18:30                   1st Stewards’ meeting; Log cabin SCT Soriška planina
19:00                   Publication of Start list; Official notice board


Saturday, 29th June 2019

07:00 – 20:00      Oppening of Rally HQ, Log cabin STC Soriška planina
08:30                   Start of the Rally from TC0, Parking area of STC Soriška planina
17:00                   Finish of the Rally, Parking area of STC Soriška planina
17:20                   Final scrutineering; Parking area of STC Soriška planina
18:00                   Publication of the provisional classification; Official notice board
18:30                   Publication of the final classification , Official notice board





Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form



Dear All!


We are happy, that we can publish such documents for 7th Rally Zelezniki, like Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form are. That's mean, everything goes fine. Rally Preparations goes as we planed, and that is big satisfaction for Organization Board


We'd like to invite all the crews all over Europe, to join us on our 7th Rally Zelezniki, Warmly welcome


Theer they are:


Supplementary regulations

Entry Form


Don't forget to closing date for Entries: September 4th 2020. Welcome again.


More news to follow. Stay Tuned.




Another Great News :)



Finally, National institute of human helaths Slovenia, gives 7th Rally Zelezniki positive permission, so event can be organised. Thank's


Supplementary regulations will be published in nex few hours. Stay tuned.




Great News - 7th Rally Zelezniki also for CEZ Tropy



Due restart of Season 2020 in CEZ Rally Trophy, 7th edition of Rally Zelezniki will guests competitors from that prominent trophy


CEZ Calendar


Rally Zelezniki welcome you all!



First information about 7th Rally Zelezniki



We're looking forward to inform you that 7th Rally Železniki will take place from 11th – 12th September 2020 which will be strictly customized to Covid-19 requirements.

This year it will be a one-day rally with 6 SS with 3 repetitions (total 80 km) on Saturday but the service park will be due to special Covid-19 conditions located at Ski Center Soriska planina.

A tip: the easiest way to the service park for teams: HW towards Jesenice - Bled - Bohinjska Bistrica - Nemški rovt - TRC Soriška planina;
The service park is expected to be opened in the Friday's afternoon.

Please follow rally.omikronplus.si



Promotion Flyer 7th Rally Zelezniki



Some information about Rally also on Flyer



7. Rally Zelezniki is Alive!!!



Dear all!


We are glad that we can announce 7th edition of Rally Zelezniki - in September 11th and 12th - 6 Stages, 2 different, about 80 km's of SS


More info to follow... Stay tuned



7. Rally Zelezniki POSTPONED



Dear all!


Due situaton of COVID-19 in last few months, Organization Board of 7. Rally Zelezniki decided to postponed rally in later date in the end of October. The exact date will be known at least in the end of july 2020.


We are very sorry for all of you, we know, Rally Zelezniki has become a popular event in your hearts. But we all must understand heavy situation iand we hope to see you in autumn 2020 in the end of October.


We are looking forward of your visit, and wish you all the best during summer.


Organization Board of 7. Rally Železniki




7th Rally Zelezniki preparations started

march 22, 2020


Right before the current situation with COVID-19, preparations began for the 7th Rally Zelezniki. We are monitoring the current situation and still expect that we can organize the 7th Rally Zelezniki.


More info in the coming weeks.


Beware and stay healthy !!!!



6th Rally Zelezniki finished





6th Rally Zelezniki flyer






And just for the memories from 5th Rally Zelezniki



Nice trailer for 5th Rally Železniki

Don't hesitate! Visit Us!!!




Not decided yet?

Here is small teaser for 4th Rally Zelezniki... Action from 3th edition...



When the years go by...


Picture above show almost the same car in 1987 and 2016 - 30 years passes by, the driver (Andrej Mrak) remain the same... Welcome back in 2019 Andrej Mrak!!!


1st Sprint Rally Zelezniki


Some memories on first our project - 1st Sprint Rally Zelezniki 2014 :)


Some of rally history from our territory...

In 70's and 80's, ther are lot of rallyes in our territory: Rally Loka, Rally Kompas, Rally Saturnus... And part of Rally Saturnus is here, the calendar of Saturnus factory from 1978









v sodelovanju z:


Občina Železniki


Medijski pokrovitelj:






Bernik transport






Safety First!!




Aleks Humar
HP Dražgoše
View to the Start HP Dražgoše

Last moment before storm

TSC Nova Gorica
Best three crews
Well done job

Thanks for yours battle in 5th Rally Železniki

Mrak - Kuštrin
Prize giving ceremony
Some details

A lot of success

Rally documents



Entry list

Acreditation form




Place for 7th Rally Železniki visitors

  • Every organiser want to organise event in safety mode. It can go wrong everywhere. As organiser we can work in two direction: To awareness all visitors and media about safety.

    Here are two videos about safety from FIA safety road action... watch it both

  • Second direction are medias representatives: even you, with accreditation around your neck are not safe there. Just watch the video!!!
  • Portfolio Item 1


    Portfolio Item 2

    Always atractive

    Rok Turk and Blanka Kacin
    Portfolio Item 3


    Many of you were there... in all six versions
    Portfolio Item 5

    Allways welcome guests

    L Racing team from Slovakia
    Portfolio Item 6

    Something went wrong

    Electronic problem
    Portfolio Item 7

    The oldiest but goldiest

    Andrej Mrak and Ales Presetnik
    Portfolio Item 8

    Trough the center of Zelezniki city

    Every year younger and younger... fans :)

    Archive of Rally Zelezniki

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    Contact Form

    Where we are

    Dražgoše 51, 4228 Železniki Marko Kos +386 31 889 939 info@omikronplus.si