8th Rally Zelezniki july 23th - 25th 2021











Live Results 8. Rally Železniki

23.7.2021 17:20


You can find Live Result on menu or direct link or click on picture belov :)





Comunication nr.1

22.7.2021 18:44


We are publishing COMMUNICATION Nr. 1 - Trailers Parking and Scruteneering Time Table



Reconnaisance Registration Form

21.7.2021 21:20


All Crews must fill in Reconnaisance Registration Form and taek it to administration check. You can find it on Official Bulletin Board or HERE





Entry List 8th Rally Železniki

20.7.2021 12:00


Here is an Entry List for 8th Rally Železniki. You can Download it with click on image bellow. Enjoy




20.7.2021 7:15


Here is itinerary for saturday and sunday competiton




Bulletin nr. 1

19.7.2021 16:01


We are publishing Bulletin nr. 1






Maps of 8th Rally Zelezniki

19.7.2021 12:00


Theree are stages Maps of 8th Rally Železniki.







PDF vesion:

Saturday july 24, 2021

SS Podlonk

SS Stari vrh


Sunday july 25, 2021

SS Sorica

SS Dražgoše


Overall SS

Service zone, HQ





PRESS Centre

19.7.2021 7:15



On 8. Rally Železniki will be also PRESS Centre opened. To all media representative, photographers etc, there are Accreditation form and Clause for media representative to fill in and send to our e-ma info@omikronplus.si. Also fill in the COVID statement and submit it at the PRESS center in the day you get acrreditation.


- Accreditation Form

- Clause For Media Representative

- COVID Statement



Some new Crew's important documents

15.7.2021 7:15


In Official Board. we are publishing some new document's needed to be filled before tehnical scrutinering or adminstrative check:

- COVID Statement

- Services Team list



Crew's important document's

8.7.2021 10:15


In official board we are published some important documents for all Crew's and Team's. Please, fill them before tehnical scrutinnering, reconnaissance or administrative check.


Thank you for cooperation.



Event Programme

7.7.2021 17:18


Mondaj, 5th July 2021
Publication of the Supplementary regulations, Opening date for entries


Friday, 16th July 2021
Closing date for entries 24:00
Closing date for additional space and the other requests for service areas


Monday, 19th July 2021
Original entry forms have to be delivered till 12:00
Publication of the list of entries at 20:00 on www.rally.omikronplus.si


Friday, 23th July 2021
12:30 – 15:00 Administrative check, roadbook and GPS devices issuing
15:00 – 20:00 Reconnaissance, according to Appendix II


Saturday, 24th July 2021
07:00 Layout of Official notice board
07:00 Opening of the service park
07:00 – 20:00 Oppening of Rally HQ
07:00 – 08:00 Administrative check, roadbook and GPS devices issuing
07:00 – 12:00 Reconnaissance, according to Appendix II
08:00 Closing date for co-drivers’ details
09:00 – 14:00 Scrutineering checks
15:30 1st Stewards’ meeting
16:00 Publication of Start list for Leg 1; Official notice board
16:30 Start of the Rally from TC0
22:07 Finish leg 1 of the Rally
22:45 Publication of Start list for Leg 2; Official notice board


Sunday, 25th July 2021
08:30 – 19:00 Oppening of Rally HQ
09:00 Start of the Rally Leg 2 from TC 4D
16:11 Finish of the Rally
16:40 Final scrutineering
18:00 Publication of the provisional classification; Official notice board





7.7.2021 10:16



We would like to inform all foreign competitors of Rally Železniki about deficient IBAN in the Supplementary regulations.


Please use the available one:


SI56 0700 0000 1078 924
Gorenjska banka d.d. Kranj


Thank you for understanding




Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form

6.7.2021 8:54


Dear All!


Here they are; We are publishing Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form:


Supplementary regulations

Entry Form


We'd like to invite all the crews all over Europe, to join us on our 8th Rally Zelezniki, Warmly welcome.


Don't forget to closing date for Entries: july 16th 2021. Welcome again.


More news to follow. Stay Tuned.



Flyer 8th Rally Zelezniki 2021

24.5.2021; 19:00


Here is a flyer of 8th Rally Zelezniki, wich will be first time accesible on 36. Rally Velenje on may 25, 2021. It has also a map, that you find our little town :)


Later you can get it on all AS2005 motorsport event in Slovenia.


You can downloaded it with click on picture below...





First information about 8th Rally Zelezniki on July 24 and 25, 2021

22.5.2021; 19:00


Hello fans of fast and adrenaline motor sports. The time has come to unveil the concept of the 8th Zelezniki Rally.


This time the rally will take place in two parts - two days. The first competition day will start on Saturday July 24 at 4:30PM, we will drive 2 SS two times, and the second competition day starts on Sunday July 25 morning at 8:00AM and ends at 4:30PM, we will drive 2 SS three times.. The total number of SS on both days are 100 km's.


We return to the center of Železniki. With service zone and Rally Headquater.


Reconnaissance will take place on Friday July 23 afternoon and Saturday July 24 morning. The service zone will open on Saturday July 24 morning.


So, the main highlights:

- two-day rally

- Saturday and Sunday

- 10 SS for a total of 100 racing kilometers

- Rally Headquater and Service Zone in Železniki


More about the rally will follow in the coming weeks. Invited crews from all over the world :)


ŠD Omikron Plus












And Winner of 7th Rally Zelezniki is....

13.9.2020; 18:14


It is about a day after moment, racing cars are finished 7th Rally Zelezniki. Winner Rok Turk/Blanka Kacin, second Aljosa Novak/Jaka Cevc and third Ales Zrinski/Rok Vidmar.Congratulatons to winners, congratulations to all crews. Hope to see you in 8th Rally Zelezniki in july 2021.


(c) Primoz Habjan






Not decided yet?

Here is small teaser for 4th Rally Zelezniki... Action from 3th edition...



When the years go by...


Picture above show almost the same car in 1987 and 2016 - 30 years passes by, the driver (Andrej Mrak) remain the same... Welcome back in 2019 Andrej Mrak!!!


1st Sprint Rally Zelezniki


Some memories on first our project - 1st Sprint Rally Zelezniki 2014 :)









v sodelovanju z:


Občina Železniki


Medijski pokrovitelj:










Bernik transport







Safety First!!




SS Davča
One and only :)

Always at the right possiotion

Wiev from inside

Working place

Tuf turn
Very public place

SS Dražgoše

Rally documents



Entry list




Place for 8th Rally Železniki visitors

  • Every organiser want to organise event in safety mode. It can go wrong everywhere. As organiser we can work in two direction: To awareness all visitors and media about safety.

    Here are two videos about safety from FIA safety road action... watch it both

  • Second direction are medias representatives: even you, with accreditation around your neck are not safe there. Just watch the video!!!
  • Portfolio Item 1

    We are going...

    Coexistence of Opponents
    Portfolio Item 2

    Four in the row

    The beginning of the beginning
    Portfolio Item 3


    Portfolio Item 4

    Always atractive

    Legends are here
    Portfolio Item 5

    Aleš Zrinski and Rok Vidmar

    and not Vlastimil Majerčak Michaela Vejačkova
    Portfolio Item 6


    No more jokes...
    Portfolio Item 7


    Andrej Mrak and Fičko
    Portfolio Item 8


    Also foreign drivers are here

    Archive of Rally Zelezniki

    Logo 2014 Logo 2015





    Contact Form

    Where we are

    Dražgoše 51, 4228 Železniki Marko Kos +386 31 889 939 info@omikronplus.si