6th Rally Zelezniki June 28th and June 29th 2019


6th Rally Zelezniki


So, there comes a time for preparing 6. Rally Zelezniki. A lot of works to do, so we would like to invite you, to visit us... in the end of june.


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till next time enjoy rally season :)


And just for the memories from last year event:

Nice trailer for 5th Rally Železniki

Don't hesitate! Visit Us!!!




Not decided yet?

Here is small teaser for 4th Rally Zelezniki... Action from 3th edition...



When the years go by...


Picture above show almost the same car in 1987 and 2016 - 30 years passes by, the driver (Andrej Mrak) remain the same... Welcome back in 2019 Andrej Mrak!!!


1st Sprint Rally Zelezniki


Some memories on first our project - 1st Sprint Rally Zelezniki 2014 :)


Some of rally history from our territory...

In 70's and 80's, ther are lot of rallyes in our territory: Rally Loka, Rally Kompas, Rally Saturnus... And part of Rally Saturnus is here, the calendar of Saturnus factory from 1978









with support of:

Občina ŽeleznikiJZR ŽeleznikiTD Železniki





Safety First!!




Aleks Humar
Aleks Humar, Florjan Rus
The Winner of 3th Rally Železniki 2016

Great batlle to the end of rally

TSC Nova Gorica
Andrej Mrak and Blaž Hribar
History on whells

Nice to see oldtimers on our event

Mrak - Kuštrin
Marko Grossi and David Kavčič
...not going well

Crew with heart and passion

Rally documents



Entry Form and list


Acreditation form




Place for 6th Rally Železniki visitors

  • Every organiser want to organise event in safety mode. It can go wrong everywhere. As organiser we can work in two direction: To awareness all visitors and media about safety.

    Here are two videos about safety from FIA safety road action... watch it both

  • Second direction are medias representatives: even you, with accreditation around your neck are not safe there. Just watch the video!!!
  • Service, start Finish area and complete itinerary of 6th Rally Železniki 2019 - to follow




  • Portfolio Item 1


    Still Rare Guest on the Rally
    Portfolio Item 2

    Always atractive

    Aleš Zrinski in Tadej Štupar
    Portfolio Item 3


    Many of you were there... in all three versions
    Portfolio Item 4

    This year, as a racing car?

    Another history's car
    Portfolio Item 5

    Lancia Delta Integrale HF

    Nice to see the legends in a pile
    Portfolio Item 6

    Local bus...

    Aljoša Novak/Tomaž Kavčič
    Portfolio Item 7


    Darko Peljahan/Tina Lazar
    Portfolio Item 8

    Power stage Winner

    Vlastimil Majerčak and Michaela Vejačkova

    Archive of Rally Zelezniki

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